No One Succeeds Alone!

I want to share with you a past lesson that I learned and a lesson which seems to keep reappearing quite frequently  for other entrepreneurs and top leadership in corporations I have worked with.

The lesson is in understanding that “No One Succeeds Alone”.

As business leaders, its very easy during our quest to succeed, to get off track by bringing on the wrong people.

Yes, its important to bring on new sales help, but are you focused on bringing on talent or are you just filling your stables with what you hope is going to be talent? There’s a huge difference in how you approach either one, that’s for sure.sbb-marketing-logo-with-bb

If you decide to approach it from more of a “getter-done” process, then you might be presenting a great opportunity, but you will also be creating a great mess down the road.

I want to take you down a road that might just help you out, so I’m assuming that you are familiar in utilizing behavioral analysis as a tool to set rapport, to mirror and adapt to another persons behavior and to sell? However, what if we flipped it around and began to use the very tool that gave us the advantage in sales and started using it to find your next partner or new hire? I call this being on purpose with your growth strategy.

But before you take off like a shot, just remember, it all starts at the top!

The first thing that needs to happen is for you to set the tone of your infrastructure by identifying or what I refer to as validating your behavior. By tapping into the AVA (Activity Vector Analysis) test, you will find out what truly makes you tick.

The AVA will show you what your natural tendencies to do things really well are and vice versa what your natural tendencies are that you makes you naturally awful. Your behavioral analysis is a tool for self discovery and once you have that down, you now get to start filling in the blanks by strategically searching for the talent that fits your exact needs.

How do you fill in the blanks with purpose?

The way to fill in the blanks with purpose is to have each employee and sales rep as well as all potential new hires take the same AVA you took.

Another key component in finding out what really motivates your team members is to do an exercise called “Getting the Book”. This is an exercise that allows you to tap into what your team members “Why” is. Its an incredible exercise that once its been completed, you will find that you and your team member have a very unique bond and ultimately a road map to their happiness and success. More on that at a later date.

Once the testing has been completed, we can then piece together those individuals that will be successful with you and those who are more than likely not going to be of any help. This will not only help you identify where your future challenges will be, but ultimately eliminate them.

As you move your company forward, I want to propose to you that you begin to focus on the basic concepts of recruiting and selecting the right people, implementing action training with them and getting into long-term management relationships with each of your leadership personnel and training them to do the same with those that they supervise.

Think about this for a second…your job as a leader of your company is in essence, is to understand the business your in, to understand the opportunity that you have, to understand the models that will take advantage of that opportunity and then go recruit and associate with the greatest people on this planet to carry out that vision.

If you can do that…the business will take care of itself, and why? Because you’ve brought on the best most talented people to carry out that vision. These are the people that truly get it.

Now, when it comes to leadership, you have got to understand that you are only limited to the people you are in relationship with and you are unlimited by the people you are in relationship with. And at the end of the day, you get to decide who those people are going to be, but just remember…no one succeeds alone!

If you are interested in taking the AVA you can contact me via email and I would be happy to set up a time to schedule your test and/or the testing of your companies personnel.


Onward and Upward,

Britton Brown

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