Mind Mapping: 5 Tools You Can Use To Map Out Your Sales Funnel Online

Have you ever tried mind mapping? Chances are, you might have come across it. If you haven’t even heard of mind mapping, then you’re missing out on an awful lot of the advantages it has when it comes to planning.

A Mind map is a visual representation of ideas and concepts which helps individuals, teams or organisations sort out and organise their ideas and represent the hierarchy of processes that make up the whole concept.

You’d be surprised how efficient your planning will become just by adopting this method.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the benefits of mind mapping are the following:

  • Mind maps are adaptive. You can add or remove parts as you go.
  • Mind maps are great for brainstorming.
  • Mind maps evoke clarity. You can easily understand ideas.
  • Mind maps promote creativity.
  • Mind maps make for efficient planning.
  • Mind maps make for great presentations.

1. draw.io


Draw.io lets you create diagrams and charts online without the need to install and software for free.


  • It lets you save your progress directly to your computer or through cloud storage
  • User-friendly UI
  • UI is identical to Google docs


draw.io is absolutely free to use.

2. LucidChart



Lucid Chart is an online collaborative mind map tool which offers comprehensive payment plans and trusted by well-known organisations such as Ford, Spotify, GoPro, etc.


  • Create diagrams online
  • Project management
  • Compatible with 3rd-party programs
  • Create all kinds of diagrams and charts


Pro Basic Team
$8.95/month paid annually $4.95/month paid annually $20/month paid annually (3 users)
or $9.95 monthly or $5.95 monthly (prices for > 3 users also available)
Professional shapes and features Unlimited shapes and documents All the benefits of Pro in a team package
Access all shape libraries 100 MB of storage Team management
Visio import and export Third-party integrations

Note: LucidChart also offers an Enterprise plan for more personalised features. You can also sign up for a free trial account.

3. XMind



XMind is a mind mapping tool which offers paid and licensed usage of its functions. Known users of XMind are Barclay, Rovio and CommerzBank, among others.


  • Slide presentations
  • Lots of available templates
  • Cliparts
  • Presentation mode
  • Gantt chart view


 XMind 8  XMind 8 Plus XMind 8 Pro
 Free  $79  $99
All kind of diagrams   All kind of diagrams   All kind of diagrams
Sync to Xmind cloud Sync to Xmind cloud Sync to Xmind cloud
Customizable theme Customizable theme
Export to PDF/SVG Export to PDF/SVG
Export to Word/Excel/PPT Export to Word/Excel/PPT
Brainstorming mode
Presentation mode
Gantt chart
Audio notes
Encrypt with password
60.000+ icons

4. Awwapp.com



Awwap is a web-based virtual whiteboard which can be used as a collaborative tool for brainstorming and mind mapping.


  • Collaborative feature
  • Responsive and intuitive UI
  • Can be accessed on-the-go
  • Draw or create diagrams


The pricing structure is divided into two types of usage. The first one is for business and the second is for embedding and targeted to create a more personalised experience.


Free Personal Organisation
$0 $10/month $75/month
Basic tools Advanced tools Admin account
Board sharing 10 saved boards 10 member account
Basic chat Multi-pages on the board Advanced tools
PDF/PPT upload 10 saved boards per member
Audio chat Multi-pages on the board
PDF/PPT upload
Audio chat
Dedicated support


Single Startup Enterprise
$10/month $30/month $100/month
Single shared board 10 shared boards 100 shared boards
Advanced tools Advanced tools Advanced tools
PDF/PPT upload 1o saved boards 100 saved boards
Support for view-only guests Multi-pages on the board Multi-pages on the board
PDF/PPT upload PDF/PPT upload
Audio chat Audio chat
Support for view-only guests Support for view-only guests
Dedicated support

5. MindMeister



Mindmeister is a widely known collaborative mind mapping tool used by notable organisations such as CNN, EA, Oracle, etc.


  • Team collaboration
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Built-in presentation mode
  • Integrates with MeisterTask for project management
  • Meeting management


Basic Personal Pro Business
$0 $6/user/month $10/user/month $15/user/month
 Billed every 6 months Billed every 6 months Billed every 6 months
Up to 3 mind maps Basic features and: Personal features and: Pro features and:
Share   Unlimited mind maps   Multi-user licensing   Create groups within the team & share with groups
Collaborate Upload files and images Expert to .docx and .pptx Compliance exports and backups
Import Export to image, PDF Custom map themes for the whole team Create custom domain login
Multi-page print Google apps for domain sign-ons Multiple license admins
Priority support Save custom topic styles 24/7 priority
Get statistics and reports


Note: Academic and NGO plans are also available allowing qualified users to pay less than the original price.


Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is an application from the Microsoft Office Suite which is primarily used for diagrams, flow charts, and more which you can use to create mind maps.

Prices vary for this tool, but Visio Pro can go as high as US$589.99 for the Pro License.


Coggle is an collaborative tool for mind maps, diagrams, note taking, planning, etc with a drag and drop functionality making it very easy to use for the whole team.

Coggle is free to use and with a monthly pricing structure for businesses.


Diagrammix is a diagram tool with a drag and drop functionality that can be used to create mind maps, flow charts, etc. with available art elements.

This tools is priced at $9.99 and is available for a free trial.

How Do Mind Maps Benefit Your Sales Funnel?

Mind mapping lets you create and visualise the processes involved in your sales funnel. Before actually creating your funnel, you get to plan and add ideas into your mind map. Instead of blindly building your sales funnel only to add and remove details as you go along, you get to save time by laying out your plans, ideas, and strategies before you create the actual sales funnel. If you’re looking for efficiency, then this process is crucial.

Do you use mind maps to map out your sales funnel?

How does it help your planning process?

Comment below and share with us!


by Stephen Esketzis


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