What’s Taught in School Doesn’t Always Work in The Real World

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for awhile then you have probably figured out that growing your business is all about building a great brand, finding and hiring a deep reserve of talent and building upon a series of winning deals. Easier said than done, right?

As a business leader, you’ve got to get to that place where you realize that its not what you know that propels you ahead, but in fact, it’s learning that what you know actually matters less than how you react to what you don’t know.

Think about it…Andrew Carnegie talks quite a bit about leaders of industry back in his era that built massive companies due to their ability to recognize what they didn’t know and hiring experts in those specific fields. sbb-marketing-logo-with-bb

It’s been my experience working with top entrepreneurs over the years that once they identified their short falls and quit trying to be the expert in those areas they found great success. It was a simple as finding and hiring talent that filled their areas of weakness and with that small change, they found exponential growth.

Today, I want to quickly talk about the importance of observing others effectively and influencing them as well as touch on sales and negotiation and running your business.

  1. Dealing with your people- As a business leader you have got to develop your skills in the areas of being observant of those around you and being diligent in creating the right impression, taking the edge and getting ahead. Observing others effectively and influencing them is what they call the “gamesmanship of business”, which is what breeds success in your company. Building an atmosphere of competition, not among your employees like so many business owners try and do, but rather breed competition within your employees on a personal level will be the “secret sauce” in learning to motivate and keeping your employees motivated.
  2. Sales & Negotiation- Everyone is a natural born salesman! Every human being has been inherently mastering their sales and negotiations since they where kids. It starts in school, were we learn to pursued our peers to accept us and our teachers to give us better grades. After this, we go out into the business world and learn to excel in selling ourselves to our employers. Unfortunately, as soon as you put those individuals out in the real world, they often under-perform due to fear of rejection or they underestimate the importance of salesmanship, what we call “street wisdom”. Once we identify that the most important lesson is that failure in sales and negotiations usually comes from ones own psychological barriers, such as fear of failure we can begin to move our personnel in the direction of overcoming these areas and finding their secret to success.
  3. Running a business- As a business owner, you must avoid “reinventing the wheel”: It is far better to use ones own common sense and apply proven models/rules to unique situations. To often, we as entrepreneurs apply more complicated strategies than are truly needed. Instead, if you will stay with the tried and true; like growing your business prudently, diversifying your risks and opportunities, managing your talent, learning to distinguish between short and long term opportunities, employ system based thinking while staying flexible, being efficient and paying attention to detail you will keep yourself out of trouble and see long term growth.

What I want you to take away from this blog is that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful, as long as you learn to play to your strengths as well as those around you. The real truth in business is that book-learned knowledge and scientific preparation is less important than being able to get things done day to day.

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